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Student Information

UCC ‘Congratulations, you survived the Leaving Cert!

Whether you are a freshman or a post-grad this is an exciting time in your life and you should enjoy it. Going to third level education can be really fun – making new friends, freedom and independence, and living in a new environment – however it can become a stressful time also. Moving away from home can be a nerve-racking experience – especially if you are unfamiliar with the area you are moving to.

You can rest assured with Powell Property that we have the right accommodation for you. Whether you are a freshman or a post-grad we have the accommodation to suit your needs and your pocket!

The most important advice you will receive as far as student accommodation is concerned is


This is one of the biggest mistakes students make when getting ready to go to college and by the time they get around to it, most of the accommodation is taken. Most prospective students research their accommodation once they have decided which colleges or university they wish to attend. Powell Property receive enquires about student accommodation from February onwards for the following year. Remember many students remain in their accommodation year after year therefore it is essential to BOOK EARLY. (click here to see our student accommodation list)

Below is a list of tips students may find helpful when looking for accommodation:
  • Start looking for accommodation as soon as you decide which college/university you wish to attend
  • Contact the college/university accommodation offices for an accommodation list and check local newspapers.
  • It is always advised to go with a reputable property firm so you know you will not have to chase down a landlord if something goes wrong
  • When viewing a property be mindful of the following

    • Damp near windows, doors, cupboards and bathrooms
    • Look for ventilation
    • Are there smoke alarms, fire escape route?
    • Check windows and doors have locks and are secure
    • How is the property heated? Is the heating working properly?
    • How is the ESB/gas paid for?
    • Are all the electrical appliances working?
    • What furniture is provided and what condition is it in?
    • Look for a table, chair and good studying conditions
    • Who else has keys to the property?
    • What are the refuse arrangements?

  • Paying your deposit – on finding a property you will need to pay a security deposit that will be repaid at the end of your tenancy should you leave everything as you found it. When paying a deposit ask the following questions

    • How much the deposit be and will I get a receipt?
    • How much is the rent?
    • How many weeks rent do you pay in advance?
    • What date is the rent due? (Powell Property is the only student accommodation firm that allow students to pay rent on a monthly basis!)
  • You will be required to sign a lease agreement for your property. This agreement protects both you and the landlord. Make sure you get a copy of the lease and do not sign it unless you are happy.

At the end of the day this property will be your new home for the next nine months. Understand that not everything will be as it is at home however do not fool yourself into living in accommodation that looks more like a kennel.


Jill – UCC student

‘I lived near the college during my first year. It was a nice house, small but close enough to college, but I found that I was very far from town. I had to walk or get the bus to the shops and I spent a fortune on food in the local shop as Tesco and Dunnes where not close enough to haul my messages. In second year I lived in the city centre. It was close to my bus home to my parents and I didn’t waste money on a night out on Taxi’s. It was also a lot safer as I didn’t have far to walk home on nights out.’

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